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The present hall number FIVE detached from the main building is to be fully renovated. The renovation work shall include a new roof with Manglore tiles, complete flooring in Kota stone embedded with marble and Jaisalmer stone, doors and windows to be converted to anodized aluminum frames and ironmongery, central air-conditioning, decorative lighting system, POP decorative false ceiling, a latest sound system and many such other features which will make this old chawl turn into a gorgeous multi function hall.

The whole open area will be paved according to the prevailing rules and care shall be taken to create good looking landscape around. Ashoka trees will be planted all around the boundary wall. Out door lighting fixtures will be put to enhance the out door functions.

Present temporary kitchens will be converted into concrete structures with kiln brick tiling floors to avoid constant damage to existing Kota stone flooring due to cooking on heavy-duty burners. Requisite permission for commencement of such work has already been obtained.

Subject to availability of generous donations in addition to the above mentioned three items the hall number two and three could also be renovated and even air conditioned.

A proposed Sanitoruim Complex at Devlali.

A long awaited project out site the busy city of Mumbai is under preparations. A piece of land has already been purchased and sketches for studying various options are already under preparation. This dream project once completed will hopefully prove to be a big mile stone not only in the history of Thathai Bhatia Shewa Fund but a mile stone too in the history of Thathai Bhatia Community. This may open a completely new chapter in our social history too. However such a venture will certainly require not only a strong moral and financial support from our patrons but a positive outlook by all of us without any undue prejudices or personal reservations. It is not a case of a single person’s vision or effort but indeed a collective visualization and a result of cumulative effort by many persons in past and present in Thathai Bhatia Panchayat or presently through Thathai Bhatia Shewa fund.

Let us join hands today and our coming generations will enjoy the fruits.

As soon presentable drawings are ready they will be put on this site for viewing and suggestions.

 Deolali Project