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After Partition

20-05-1953 Shewa Fund registered as Public Fund at Mumbai.
08-01-1960 Bhagibha, Founder member expired.
02-10-1969 Golden jubilee celebrated.
Nov. 1969 Kandivali plot purchased
31-01-1971 Foundation stone of building laid.
1975 Ground and 1st floor of the building completed and occupation certificate received.
25-02-1979 Free reading room and public library started.
01-04-1979 Diamond jubilee celebrated.
08-10-1981 Pocket telephone directory of Bhatias published.
24-01-1982 First Vasti Patrak published.
27-10-1982 Ambulance service started.
Oct. 1986 Second Vasti patrak published.
02-03-1986 Homeopatathic Dispensary started
15-01-1989 Dr. Lakhu h. Hiranandani felicitated on receipt of Dhanwantary Award.
18-4-1989 Mahila Vikas Mandal started.
01-06-1989 Nursery School started.
14-07-1991 Polyclinic Started.
1992 Sampark published.
1993 Occupation certificate for 2nd and 3rd floors received.
26-06-1993 Formation of Rotaract Club of T BSF (Youth Wing)
01-04-1994 Neuro therapy center started.
12-06-1994 Physiotherapy center started.
27. After partition majority of thathai Bhatias settled in Mumbai. Some elders of our community did not believe in lying down and desired to revive Shewa Fund. They registered it in Mumbai as a Public Trust on 20-5-1953. Seven years report from 1-4-1947 to 31-3-1954 was prepared. At that time there were 125 members, including Sindhi, Kutchi and other Bhatias. Thus once again the fire was kindled and Shewa Fund rsetared its activities in two fields – education and medical/maintenance.
28. In 1958-59 there came a momentum in Shewa Fund and it was put on its former glory. This noteworthy endeavour was made by Shri Vishandas Jethanand Sadh, when he was a general secretary. With a band of tireless and dutybuond workers like Shri Thawerdas Kikla, Mohandas Khiara (Wagh), Haridas V. Gandhi, Ram L. Lilwa, Chaturbhui L. Bhatia and Gopal J. Gandhi, he was successful to put Shewa Fund back on its prestige. The acheivements were:-

1) First census of Thathai Bhatias was compiled in 1959-60 by Shri. Damodardas Sriram after strenuous efforts.

2) Merir prizes were distributed to outstanding students of higher standards.

3) Building Fund was raised and a sum of Rs. 3,918.75 was collected in 1959-60.

4) After a lapse of 14 years in 1961 the first yearly get together (Annual festival) was organised at Smt. Nandibai Haridas Bhatia Sabhagraha at Sion, Mumbai. Nearly 700 members participated. Merit prizes were distributed to distinguished students. The first lady doctor of our community, Dr. Kumari Gitaben Ishwardas Bhatia was honoured and was presnted with silver Casket and ‘manpatra’. An entertainment programme was also arranged.

5) Test-book lending library for college students was started out of the voluntary donations received. Shri Ram Lilwa shouldered the responsibilities of this project for many years.

6) One Bhatia student, Dr. Chandrakant Kishinchand Gandhi was given 4 ½ years fees to enable his medical course of MBBS. The entire sum was donated by Shri Narsingdas (Kakubhai) Naraindas Mulchand, through Shewa Fund. This young doctor is presently settled in U.S.A.

29. But Shewa Fund lost its soul on 8-1-1960, when our beloved founder “bhagibha’ – Maganmal Assandas Kikla left this mortal World at the age of 82. This creative man withinborn spirit of human service used to wander in Thatha from house to house singing songs to collect funds for Shewa Fund. The well known song was “Avin Dham Dol Vajaya.”
30. Inorder to encourage Industrial Home for women a sewing machine was given on easy installments basis to one lady and 6 sewing machines were given on loan to enable our sisters to be on their own legs.
31. Then came a lull of 10 years, during which no annual reports were published. Nevertheless, the light of Shewa Fund continued to kindle, because ultimately a consolidated 10 years report – 1965-66 to1974 – 75 was published. The dedicated workers of Shewa Fund organised Golden Jubilee function on 2-10-1969 at Bhurabhai Arogya Bhavan, Kandivli, on a very grand scale and thus kept alive the self-less service of Shewa Fund. Even during this period some selfless stalwards of our community met on 18-12-1966 and considered to have our own building. But on the day of Golden Jubilee function, the idea of holding such functions on our own premises was germinated. This object was fructified when thre generous hearted brothers Shri Khushaldas Vallabhdas Dagra, Shri Tulsidas Fatehchand and Shri Haridas Kewalram, purchased in November 1969 a plot at Kandivli, measuring 5,507 Sq. yards and donated it to Shewa Fund. It will not be out of place to record to record the generousity of Shri Hiranand Ratanchand Gajria, who donated a substantial amount when funds were needed for the construction of our present building. Today we are sitting under the roof of our own building. Shri Madan G. Kikla, son of our late illustrious and founder member Gordhandas Kikla, finalised the land deal in record time in July 1970. Foundation Muharat was performed on 31-1-1971 – Basant Panchami day. Funds for building pored in from all sides and a noteworthy contribution was also received from Thathai Hindu Mercantile Community, Bahrain. Shewa Fund is grateful to late Shri Ishwardas Haridas Bhatis, who was primarily responsibe to look after the entire building activity. Occupation certificate for Ground and First floor was received in 1975. There are three halls – (1) Dagra Matushri Mandir, (2) shri Hiranand Kewalram Hall and (3) Smt Kalazvati Maghanmal Hall, which are used by general public for various social functions. Second aan Third floors have also been completed and Occupation certificate was received in 1993. Thus Shewa Fund was put onto its legs as it started earning revenue. In order to offer better service to the public, the Dogra Matushri Mandir (Auditorium) was airconitioned in 1993. Our Halls are well patronized. Thus the edifice of our pious dream is before you all.
32. Industrial Home for Women was put into action in the year 1977-78, and our four laies and one machine was given as a grant to four ladies and one machine was given on loan. In 1978-79, three sewing machines were given to needy ladies on a nominal rent of Rs. 1.00 per month only
33. For the facility of general public Shewa Fund started Service Section in the year 1977-78, through which it started giving on hire at nominal rates kitchen utensils, dinner sets, chairs, tables, carpets. Fans and such other articles required for wedding and other social functions.
34. To provide cool and filtered water to the users, three water coolers, donated by Shri Lakhmichand Vallabhdas Wabhl, Khushal trading Company (Dubai) and Shri Govind Tulsidas Khiara, were installed in two years.
35. Free public reading room and library, bearing the name of ‘Muljimal Thawardas Public Library’ was opened on 25-2-1979. all important daily newspapers in various languages, weekly and monthly magazines of interest are provided in this library.. the public is making a good use of this library.
36. Afrter Lapse of few years Shewa Fund once again organised ‘Social and Cultural gathering’ on 29-10-1978, which received tremendous response. This mela is now popularly caaled as’Dassera – Diwali Annual Gathering’. On this occasion our people, ladies, gents and children, are able to to meet each other, participate in community lunch or dinner, followed by an entertainment programme and distribution of merit prizes to the outstanding students. It is heartening to note that our own children are now staging good entertainment programmes. Thus the aim of integrating our society has been achieved.
37. In the year 1979 – 80 Shewa Fund provided Guest House facilities to all those who came from outstations and did not have proper housing facilities. They are provided furnished rooms at very nominal rates. Student Hostel was also srated but it did not receive favourably response.
38. Shewa Fund completed 60 years of its existence on 16-2-1979 and fittingly this memorable occasion of Diamond Jubilee was celebreated on agrand scale on 01-04-1979.
39. Along with other charitable activities Shewa Fund is looking after our people in need by providing them maintenance and medical grants as well as granting fees for school, college and higher education. We have also not forgotten people in distress. When there was flood in Morvi (Kutch), Shewa Fund generously contributed to the releif fund and gave all assistance to a Bhatia familywhich was the victim of this flood.
40. On 8-10-1981 Shewa Fund marched yet another milestone. A pocket Telephone Directory of Thathai Bhatias living in Mumbai was published with their addresses. The entire cost of this was born by Shri Mahendra Parmanand in the found memory of late Shri Mahendra Parmanand Jethanand. Abig stride was made on 24-1-1982 when Shewa Fund published its first Vasti Patrak of all Thathai Bhatias (base 1980-81). This was received with great applause. It gave details of 577 families, history of Bhatia community, history of Thatha and details of 84 surnames (Nukh) with Gotras under which our Bhtias are divided. The demand for revised Vasti Patrak was made and Shewa Fund published Second Vasti Patrak in 1986 on Dassera Day. This document has proved its utility in every house as a reference book, and the Third Vasti Patrak was on the card and, was released in in 1994. As per Second Vasti Patrak, population of Thathai Bhatias stood at 3696, a small community indeed.
41. At the time of publishing this history, we had on our register 67 Patrons and 1525 Life Members (including minors).
42. In medical field Shewa Fund pressed in service Ambukance on 27-10-1982. Pancholia Family donated it in the memory of Late Shri. Parmanand Jaethanand. It was a day and night service in the beginning , but due to slakening of demand, the night service had been suspended. On 2-3-1986 Homeopathy Dispensary was set open. Very nominal fees are charged and the public is taking good advantage of it. It operates both Morning and Evening. On 14-7-1991 Polyclinic center was inaugrated by Padmabhushan Dr. L. H. Hiranandani and has been christened as ‘Hemandas P. Bhatia’ charitabe Medical Polyclinic Center. Prominent Specialists in various fields are made available to the general public at very nominal rates. Neuro Therapy Center was started from 1-3-1994, which system treats all kinds of oftheumatisms, spondylosis, back pains, paralysis and ather gland ailments. This center has become very popular. In the past Shewa Fund organised few ‘Eye Camps’, where spectacles were given on a nominal charges of Rs. 10/- or Rs. 20/- after free testing. A Blood donation camp was also organised. Due to lack of physiotherapy facilities in our area, Shewa Fund for the welfare of the public started Physiotherapy center on 12-6-1994, the inaugration of which was done by our manging trustee, Shri. Khubchand Muljimal Asarpota.
43. In 1992 a big leap was made by publishing ‘SAMPARK’. It is quarterly issue and is published with a view to reduce communication gap. It is well read. Youth wing of Shewa Fund was formed and called as Rotaract club of TBSF
44. From 01-06-1989 a Nursery School was started. It ws run by Dubai based Thatha Foundation but has been taken over by Shewa Fund from 01-06-1993. it admits children for Junior and Senior KGs
45. On 18-04-1989 Bhatia Mahila Vikas Mandal was started, where women of all communities are taught trades of tailoring, embroidery, Mahendi, Art andFancy Work, Fabric Painting, Emboss Painting, etc.
46. Eminent member of oue community, Dr. Lakhu H. Hiranandani, when honoured with Padmabhushan in 1972, was felicited by Shewa Fund jointly with Thathai Bhatia Panchayat, Kewal Bagh and Sion Matunga Bhatia Panchayat (now defunct). Again when he ws in receipt of Dhanwantary Award from Dhanwantary Foundation, Shewa Fund together with Kewal Bagh and Thathai Bhatia Panchayat felicited him by organising A function on 15-01-1989.
47. To quench the thirst of general public Shewa Fund runs a ‘piyau’ (water fountain)
48. Thus Sheaw Fund serves the society in many fields of education, medical, maintenance, and service to the society at large.
49. Living with the times, law of the land and aspirations of the members, Shewa Fund effected changes in its constitution as under: –

On 20-6-1954 Constition framed in Mumbai and approved by the General Body.
On 1-12-1968 1st revision approved by the General Body.
On 24-7-1988 2nd revision approved by the General Body.

Extract from the Vasti Patrak, 1994