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Bhatia Mahila Vikas Mandal

Bhatia Mahila Vikas Mandal in Thathai Bhatia Shewafund was started from 18th April 1989 as a vocational training centre for women of different age groups. It was opened under the supervision of Smt. Damayantiben H. Bhatia, a well-experienced teacher in the vocational courses with only 8 students and 12 Sewing Machines.

The training imparted includes variety of skills on sewing machines.

During the school vacation times extra training classes are also conducted for girls to learn different handy craft skills.

Our vocational course teacher Damyanti.H Kettiwala has completed above 5o years in her career as a stiching Master. In 1964 started with salary of 60 rs. with Kachhi Mahajan in Mulund. In 1989 Damyantiben appointed by ThathaiBhatia Sevafund to join Mahila Vikas Mandal. Besides teaching dress stiching, Damyantiben is expert in other skills like Embroidery, Painting, Mahendi & Handicraft.       Born in 1936, Damyantiben brought up in that age, when hardly the girls get formal education.In Mahila vikas Mandal Stiching class  by ThathaiBhatia Sevafund,woman of all ages come to learn. Ladies get training here in professional way, all credit goes to Damyanti ben,who is still active & give message to youngsters “Keep yourself active &   develop new hobbies !