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Annual Program—————-2017

Annual day Celebration – Thathai Bhatia Shewa Fund.
New year Evening of 2017 was the most significant day for Thathai Bhatia Clan. On this day, Annual get together & Merit Prize distribution program had been organized in Thathai Bhatia Shewa Fund Premises. Children, youngsters, couples & family all joined to enjoy Annual function on this new year Evening. Togetherness is a hugely important aspect of life. It unites us, gives us security, much-needed support and a sense of belonging, and encourages us to love one another.
All enthusiastic members of our Thathai Bhatia Community arrived in TBSF premises & enjoyed Light refreshment in the beginning, Pushpa, our all time anchor for the annual day, welcomed the members & Lata greeted the guests “Happy New Year”. The event started with lighting a Lamp in the presence of Hon. President Shree Ashok Gajria & Hon. Secretary Shree Prakash Gajria & all committee members. One minute silence was observed for departed souls.
Smt. Swati Shah gave informative details about Sukhdham & cultural program started, Manglacharan with Mantrochhar by group of girls, which spread peace & smile all around ! Kaalindi Kids & teachers who occupied the stage, thrilled the audience in the hall.
Our Hon. President Shree Ashok Gajria who has been connected with Shewa Fund since long, gave a short & striking speech about the love for community, “As I move through life I think I will always be involved with our community members through Shewa Fund & through SukhDham. Not just because I think it is important but because it is something I enjoy and look forward to”,
To distribute Merit Prize to aspirant students our vice president Shree Jayraj Asarpota accompanied by our community’s most young couple Shree Daya Bha & Smt Urmilaben were on stage to encourage ambitious students, our future generation !
“Every year we remind our Members to receive Merit prize, encourage our children to be presented over this event, so we have a chance to meet our next generation over here.” said our committee member Smt. Indira Gajria.
Bollywood Band rocked the members with old & new songs. Our two Bhatia members Shree Sushil & Shree Kailash performed on the stage, and sang Bollywood songs with great vocal.
Intercontinental Menu with live stations & buffet was arranged in such a way as to ensure that the gala Dinner met all guest’s needs and preferences.. With number of courses including appetizers and desserts that were served, all our members enjoyed their meal.
One of our community member Ls Hansa Javeri sent a note appreciating this Event, “A BIG THANX TO Thathai Bhatia Shewa Fund FOR WELL ORGANISED GET TO-GETHER, NICE FOOD, NICE ORCHESTRA . WE REALLY HAD VERY GOOD TIME” !
A great Event to remember, such get together events in community encourages us to live in harmony & remind us always our Sense of Belonging !